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News article6 January 2020BrusselsDirectorate-General for Energy

New electricity rules enters into force

New EU electricity rules enters into force

On 1 January 2020, the Electricity Regulation EU/2019/943 entered into force. An important part of the new electricity market design, agreed under the Clean energy for all European’s package, the regulation establishes the fundamental principles for an efficient electricity market.

It allows better integration of national markets and increased capacity for cross-border trade, generating lower prices. It will also allow greater access to renewable energies, ensuring a better response to demand and storage, thus giving more power to consumers and a head start on the energy transition.

The regulation includes rules for better coordination and closer cooperation between transmission system operators, improving the security of electricity supply.

Finally, it puts an end to state aid which supports a new generation of polluting electricity, thereby making concrete progress towards decarbonisation.

The new Electricity Regulation EU/2019/943 replaces the Electricity Regulation EC/714/2009.


Publication date
6 January 2020
Directorate-General for Energy