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News article9 June 2020BrusselsEuropean Research Executive Agency

My Job in Research in 15 seconds

Can you explain what your job in research is about in just 15 seconds? This June, the Research Executive Agency is launching the #MyJobinResearchvideo challenge to get researchers talking about their EU-funded research in a catchy and fun format!

The initiative aims to spread the impact of EU-funded research and to promote the extraordinary work of the many researchers the EU has supported in their careers.

REA will also participate in the challenge! REA staff will tell their side of the story and what they do every day to support and promote EU research.

How to participate

To participate follow these easy steps:

  • Film a video with your mobile or camera (max 15 seconds) where you describe your job, or the main outcome of your research project in few short sentences.
  • Send via email to
    • Your video
    • The text for the subtitles  
    • Consent form duly completed
  • Don’t forget to read the Data Protection Notice informing you of how we process your personal data for this challenge and how you can exercise your rights.

The deadline for submitting videos is 30 June 2020.

The video can be either in English, or in your native language. Please enclose text in English for the subtitles. REA’s communication team will edit and publish the best videos on REA’s Twitter account during June & July.

Useful tips:

  • Address your speech to the camera & avoid reading
  • Choose plain wall as background for your video, avoid  direct light from a window or a lamp and very sunny spot;
  • If you film with your phone, make sure you film horizontally and that your phone is stable and not shaking;
  • Prefer dark clothes and avoid wearing pattern for better subtitles readability
  • Feel free to use objects/props to illustrate your work. Get creative!

We look forward to receiving your videos. Good luck!


Publication date
9 June 2020
European Research Executive Agency