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Monitoring implementation of EU directives

The Commission verifies that EU countries communicate all national implementing measures and that they fully and correctly incorporate the provisions of a directive into national law. This needs to be done by the deadline set in the directive.

Monitoring implementation

Delays in transposing EU law prevent citizens and businesses from enjoying the laws' benefits, create uncertainty as to what rules apply and negatively affect the functioning of the EU's internal market.

Each directive contains a deadline for transposition. By that date EU countries must send the Commission the text of the national implementing measures, which incorporate the provisions of the directive into their legislation. 

National implementing measures – how to find them on EUR-Lex

The Commission checks whether they are complete and meet the objectives set by the directive.

If this is not the case the Commission opens an infringement procedure for 'non communication'. The Commission may also initiate an infringement procedure in the case of incorrect transposition of directives.

Infringement procedure

Reporting on performance

The Commission publishes an annual report reviewing EU countries' performance on key aspects of the application of EU law and highlighting the year's main developments. The report is also sent to the European Parliament and to national authorities.

Annual reports on monitoring the application of EU law