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Technical Support Instrument

About the programme

The Technical Support Instrument helps EU Member States design and implement resilience-enhancing reforms by providing expertise to national authorities. The support is on demand and can include strategic and legal advice, studies, training and expert visits on the ground.

Member States can request support to:

  • implement resilience-enhancing reforms in the context of EU economic governance, such as those arising from country-specific recommendations under the European Semester and by virtue of implementing EU law
  • prepare, amend, implement and revise national recovery and resilience plans under the Recovery and Resilience Facility
  • implement economic adjustment programmes
  • implement reforms undertaken at their own initiative

The support is delivered by a wide range of providers, including international organisations, public bodies, the private sector or the Commission’s own staff.

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Funding opportunities

Calls for proposal

Open and upcoming calls for proposal under the Technical Support Instrument.

Calls for tender

Open and upcoming calls for tender related to the Technical Support Instrument.

Funded projects and results

Budget and performance

Includes performance highlights, key performance indicators, and the performance framework and assessment.

Programme performance webpage

Programme features

Programme duration


Lead Directorate-General
Predecessor programme

Structural Reform Support Programme (2017-2020)

Management mode

Direct and indirect management

MFF heading

Cohesion, Resilience and Values


Recovery and Resilience

Climate contribution

No target set in the legal basis ()

Total budget 2021-2027

€ 864 million () (current prices)