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Single Market Forum

Single Market Forum (SIMFO) - EU events held across Europe to discuss policy for the single market.

About the Single Market Forum

The Single Market Forum (SIMFO) is an annual initiative where citizens, businesses and EU policy-makers assess the implementation of the single market.

It allows stakeholders and the public to share their experience in practice and to discuss their policy recommendations for the future.

This happens through various events focusing on key policy areas outlined in the single market strategy.

Held across Europe, the events are organised by the European Commission in cooperation with local partners such as national authorities, chambers of commerce and business associations.

The outcomes of the events contribute to policy evaluation and play a part in monitoring the implementation of the single market.


SIMFO began with a forum in Krakow in 2011. This was followed in 2012 by a week of decentralised events in a large number of cities across the EU. In 2013, there was a month of online debates. In 2014, 20 workshops took place in EU countries with a final conference in Riga, Latvia, in March 2015.

Since 2014, SIMFO has consisted of local events taking place throughout the year across Europe.

Final report

Collaborative economy workshops

The Commission has also organised workshops on the collaborative economy as part of SIMFO.

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