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Call for tenders

Single Framework Contract HR Surveys


Publication date



Reference: HR/2021/MVP/0016

Service Responsible Overview - My IntraComm Intranet Portal - CITnet Confluence (

Deadline : 17/09/2021

Subject: Services

Estimated total value of the contract 70,000 EUR

Indicative date of the launch of the procedure: 02/11/2021

Duration of the contract: 12 Months


The European Commission (hereafter called “the Commission” or “the Contracting Authority”) wishes to conclude a framework contract for the provision of services relating to the analysis of and reporting on staff surveys and associated methods of staff feedback. Internal Staff Surveys have been a recurrent exercise in the European Commission since 2003. They cover three main areas of interest:

  • Staff satisfaction with working in the Commission, with their jobs and working environment, and management in the Commission;
  • Services provided by DG HR (Directorate General for Human Resources and Security), such as welcoming and induction of the newcomers, learning and development, security, internal communication, medical and social services, working conditions and equal opportunities;
  • Services provided by the Administrative Offices: Commission's Paymaster Office (PMO); the Office of Infrastructure and Logistics in Brussels (OIB) and the Office of Infrastructure and Logistics in Luxembourg (OIL).

The service in charge of preparing and launching the surveys is the internal communication unit of DG HR (unit HR.A4).




28 JULY 2021
Call for tender: Single Framework Contract HR Surveys
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