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The EU's eGovernment strategy, electronic payments and invoicing, the digital single market.

eGovernment for public administrations

Techology solutions for public administrations, businesses and people, share information.

Collaborative platform for eGovernment professionals

The European Commission's strategy on cross-border digital public services, eGovernment in the  digital single market.

Commission strategy on eGovernment

eGovernment in the digital single market

Information on the EU's electronic exchange of social security information (EESSI), EU rules on social security coordination, public directory of social security institutions.

Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information (EESSI)

Details of actions involved in the EU's digital single market strategy.

Digital single market strategy for business and consumers

e-Procurement as part of the EU's public procurement directive, timetable of the European Commission's e-procurement plans, key policy documents.

e-Procurement strategy

Electronic payments and invoicing

The EU's e-Invoicing directive, European initiatives on e-Invoicing, how to check for compatibility with EU rules, exchange of information on e-Invoicing.


EU rules on payment services.

Electronic payment services

Electronic customs

How the EU plans to replace paper-based customs procedures with electronic ones, EU legislation and initiatives related to electronic customs, strategic plan for electronic customs in the EU.

Electronic customs