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Europe 2020 targets: statistics and indicators for the United Kingdom (former member)

The European Commission coordinates EU countries' macroeconomic policies through the European Semester. ‘’Until 31 December 2020, and in line with the provision of the withdrawal agreement on a transition period, the UK remained part of the European Semester analysis”.

Employment rate

(% of population aged 20-64)

EU target: 75%

Gross domestic expenditure on research and development

(% of GDP)

EU target: 3%

Greenhouse gas emissions

(base year 1990)

EU target: 20% less compared to 1990 levels
National target: 16% less comparered to 2005 levels

Share of renewable energy

(% of gross final energy consumption)

EU target: 20 % from renewable sources
National target: 15%  from renewable sources

Energy efficiency

(Thousands tonnes of oil equivalent - Mtoe)

EU target: 1483 Mtoe
National target: 177.6 Mtoe

Early leavers from education and training

(% of population aged 18–24)

EU target: <10% drop-out rate

Tertiary education attainment

(% of population aged 30-34)

EU target: >40% having completed tertiary education

Poverty and social exclusion

(% of total population)

EU target: 20 million less people at risk of poverty or exclusion