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Finance and support

What funding is available for small businesses, EU business programmes and financial instruments, networks and support for entrepreneurs. 

Finance and funding

What EU funds are available, how to apply for business loans, access to finance in EU countries: Find loans and venture capital

Direct and indirect EU funding, funding conditions, who is eligible for EU funding, how to apply for funding: EU funding programmes

Support for small businesses

Contact Enterprise Europe Network for advice, support and opportunities for growing your business internationally: Enterprise Europe Network

About microfinance - loans below €25,000, how to apply for microcredit in your country: EU microfinance support

How the EU's European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA) supports small business, programmes run by EISMEA: Support for small businesses in Europe

How the European Commission helps businesses expand outside the EU, studies into the benefits of expanding your business internationally, available support for businesses that want to expand: Expanding your business outside the EU

A range of businesses from across the EU share their stories: Small business success stories

EU policy on improving access to finance for small businesses, EU policy on loans and guarantees, venture capital, crowdfunding, private investment and growth stock markets, EU rules and initiatives in financing small businesses, financial instruments available for small businesses, practical advice for businesses looking for finance: Access to finance for small businesses

EU regional policy, funding programmes, accessing regional funds: Small business competitiveness in structural investment funds