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Employing people

EU employment rules, anti-discrimination laws, health and safety rules, social provisions, rules for commercial drivers.

Employment in the EU

Employment contract rules in the EU, find national employment authorities: Employment contracts

Rules on EU working hours, employment rules for young people, regulations covering staff operating transport services: Working hours

EU rules on work permits, anti-discrimination in recruitment, reasonable accommodation and recognition of qualifications: Equal treatment and qualifications

Employment terms for workers temporarily posted in another country, social security rules for posted workers, national contact points for monitoring employment conditions: Posting staff abroad

Business obligations in the event of staff layoffs, workers' rights in takeovers: Redundancies

EU coordination of social security systems, social security rules in each EU country: Social security

Health and safety requirements for EU workplaces, national health and safety at work rules: Health and safety at work

The EU's guidelines for employment policy priorities and targets, EU rules on working conditions and workplace health and safety, EU labour laws, anti-discrimination laws: European employment strategy

Transport sector

EU legislation and rules for working conditions for road transport operators, rules for admission to the occupation of road haulage and road passenger transport operators in the EU: Social rules for goods and passenger road transport operators


Common EU rules on driving times and rest periods for commercial drivers, European Commission reports on legislation concerning drivers, European Court of Justice judgements on road transport social rules: Driving time and rest periods