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Comment on EU policy and law

How to share your views on the EU policy and law making process and suggest ways of improving EU law.

Have your say on Commission initiatives

You can have your say on Commission initiatives and by doing so, help to fine-tune preparatory work on EU legislation at different stages of the process. Roadmaps, draft acts, proposals and adopted acts are usually open for feedback periods of 4 weeks.

A key way to do this is to reply to one of the public consultations that the Commission launches in order to gather more specific input on planned initiatives through detailed questionnaires. Most consultations are open for 12 weeks. The Commission will consider your views when it is developing policy and legislation.

Suggest how to improve EU laws

At any time, you can also suggest ways to improve an existing EU lawto make it more efficient and effective. A panel made up of experts from each EU country will examine your proposal. The panel, known as the ‘REFIT platform’, includes representatives from businesses and civil society organisations. It may make a recommendation to the Commission based on your input. If it decides not to make a recommendation, it will write to you to explain why not.