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Visiting translator scheme (VTS)

Staff translators from Directorate-General for Translation visit universities, public institutions and private companies around the EU every year. 

What we offer

During their residential visits, our translators can provide 

  • translation workshops
  • presentations and discussions on the work of Directorate-General for Translation
  • demonstrations of technical tools our translators use (terminology databases, CAT tools, machine translation)

Benefits of sharing knowledge

The visiting translator scheme helps to

  • boost cooperation between the world of EU translation and European universities
  • contribute to training future translation professionals
  • promote multilingualism
  • improve understanding of the EU institutions

Who it's for


All masters programmes in translation at EU universities are eligible to participate in the scheme, but European Master's in Translation network members have priority.

Public institutions

Work placements at public institutions - mainly government ministries or national banks - allow national experts and EU translators to discuss terms and develop terminology networks. This helps to achieve more consistency in the terminology used in national and EU law.

Private companies 

This visting translator scheme is open to companies which

  • have a translation section
  • use specialised terminology (laboratories, production units, banks and other financial organisations)
  • specialise in communication and media

When to apply

  • placements are organised between February and December
  • projects are selected in November/December the year before
  • the award of a place depends on availability of our translators

Email if your organisation is interested in hosting one of our translators.