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26 September has been the European Day of Languages (EDL) since 2001. It is jointly organised by the Council of Europe and the European Commission. 

The aim is to:

  • raise awareness of the wide variety of languages in Europe
  • promote cultural heritage & linguistic diversity
  • encourage people of all ages to learn languages
  • promote translation, interpretation, other language-related professions. 

Multilingual online quizzes, radio contests, translation workshops, language fairs and travelling book exhibitions are organised across the EU through our network of local field officers working in the Commission Representations.

European Day of Languages events 2022

Check out the list of events to see what is happening in your country and join us for the EDL 2022 celebrations!

Discover the posters produced every year by DG Translation to mark the European Day of Languages.

#EDLangs 2022
#EDLangs Poster 2021 Edition
#EDLangs Poster 2020 Edition