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Mission statement - regional and urban policy

Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy


Regions growing together


Our vision is a European Union where people in all our regions and cities can realise their full potential. We aim for lasting improvement in the economy and quality of life for everybody, wherever they live.

Principles and values

Openness, integrity, objectivity and accountability are our core values. We are committed to the highest standards and the best results.

Who we are

We are some 700 professionals from all over the European Union who understand the diverse challenges faced by EU countries and their regions. We use our wide range of expertise to target investments that foster growth and create jobs. We aim to become a knowledge base within the European Commission to inform policy making with regional data and intelligence.

How we work

We work with EU member countries, regions and other stakeholders to assess needs, finance investments and evaluate the results from a long-term EU perspective. Together we ensure that the money is well spent.

We take pride in what we do and strive to make a difference.