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Twenty years of the Internal Audit Service (IAS)

The Internal Audit Service, celebrating it's 20 years in 2020, has produced a History Book.

Collage of colleagues in the IAS

A journey through the last 20 years and into the future


The IAS in its second decade

Still at the forefront and getting the job done!


This book provides you with a very passionate insight of the work of the Internal Audit Service. It describes the achievements, progress and vision of a modern internal audit organisation which is at the forefront of the audit profession worldwide

Didier Reynders, Commissioner


Assurance and advice: A journey through the last 20 years and into the future

This publication is a clear testimony to the dedication, professionalism and team spirit of the IAS's managers and staff throughout the entire period

Manfred Kraff, Director-General 


 This book allows to look back and reflect on the developments and achievements of the service over the last 10 years

cover: The Internal Audit Service, 20 years of assurance and advice



Prologue and welcome

The valued contributions of our Director-General, Manfred Kraff and our key stakeholders with their observations on the work of the IAS over the last two decades and vision of the years to come.  A special recognition of the contribution of our late colleague Francisco Merchán Cantos.  Read the prologue here.

Commissioner Reynders, Francisco Merchán Cantos, Manfred Kraff, Commissioner Timmermans, Pascal Leardini


The managers keeping us ahead

Chapter 1 - Staying ahead - Ensuring improvement, managing priorities, and establishing the tone at the top

Our four directors-general reveal all.  They discuss their responsibilities and experiences over the last ten years as they introduced key  developments in the professionalisation and organisation of the service. They also share a thought  or two on what lies ahead for the service they were, and are, so proud to lead.  Read chapter 1 here.


Chapter 2 - Governance and organisational change in the second decade

Read all about it! First, we look at the story surrounding the centralisation and reorganisation of the IAS. This brought significant change and reinforcement to the service, and clarified our new role as the sole provider of internal audit assurance and advice in the European Commission. Then, through enhancing our knowledge and expertise across a modern and complex Commission policy structure, based on our ‘knowledge clusters’ we get an insight into perhaps our next reorganisation.  Read chapter 2 here.


colleagues of Internal Audit Service at Velomai challenge


Audit challenges in EU Agencies

Chapter 3 - Streamlining and standardising the audit of the EU agencies and autonomous bodies

What has been the key to auditing the EU Agencies and other autonomous bodies? A success story on the way forward with commitment and good team spirit is told by the three motivated managers in Directorate A who, together with their excellent colleagues, have made it all happen over the last decade.  Read chapter 3 here.

Chapter 4 - Perspectives on the work of the Audit Progress Committee 

Read about the APC, the committee chaired by our Commissioner that provides a bedrock to the independence and effectiveness of the IAS. What lies behind its success? We recognise the importance of the work done by the APC, its key role in the governance of the Commission, and the important contribution of its secretariat.  Read chapter 4 here.

Chapter 5 - Quality counts

Providing quality, performance, and innovation in internal audit has been and remains the key to our success over 20 years. We highlight some of the key projects and initiatives that are keeping the IAS ahead as the leading body in professional internal audit in the public sector.  Read chapter 5 here.

Inspirational women

Chapter 6 - The views of six inspirational women in the IAS

Six unique and inspirational women share their careers and experience in the IAS – their enthusiasm and bright outlook, together with their pride in what they are doing in the Commission today is nothing short of exceptional.  Read chapter 6 here.


Modernising the IAS

Chapter 7 - Modernising the IAS

We’ve got what it takes to be a thoroughly modern service ensuring great communication and staff involvement at the heart of the service. Amongst many great activities organised by our own staff committee, we feature our successful annual international conferences.  Read chapter 7 here.

Chapter 8 - Boosting our know-how

We stay up to date on our profession and with key developments in our audit world, tailored training, the IAS Auditors’ Forum and AudiTED talks – if ideas are worth sharing, we do it well.  Read chapter 8 here.

Chapter 9 - Careers of the modern internal Auditor

Great achievements on the career front for internal auditors - four successful managers who have worked, or who are working with the IAS, share their experiences and some great tips and advice that we can all profit from!  Read chapter 9 here.

Chapter 10 - The glue – the things that keep us together

Maintaining an effective performance in our work also requires sharing good times together. Take a look at how we have bonded through sport and celebrated with different events and activities over the years.  Read chapter 10 here.

Chapter 11 - Moving into the future – the next 10 years

Our Director-General, Manfred Kraff, looks at the challenges ahead and outlines how he plans to take the IAS confidently forward into the next decade –providing assurance and advice of the highest professional quality.  Read chapter 11 here.




10 DECEMBER 2020
Internal Audit Service: Assurance and advice - A journey through the last 20 years and into the future